Applied Physics - II

Below is the syllabus for Applied Physics – II:-



Crystal Structure: Crystalline and Amorphous solids, Crystal Structures: lattice translation vector, symmetry operations, space lattice, basis; Unit cell and Primitive cell, Fundamental types of lattice: two-dimensional and three-dimensional Bravais lattices; Characteristics of Unit cells: Simple Cubic (SC), Body-Centered Cubic (BCC), Face Centred Cubic (FCC), Hexagonal Close Packed (HCP) structure; Simple crystal structures; Sodium Chloride, Cesium Chloride, Diamond, Cubic Zinc Sulfide; Miller Indices, Bonding in Solids, Point defects in crystals: Schottky and Frenkel defects.


Quantum Theory: Need and origin of Quantum concept, Wave-particle duality, Phase velocity, and group velocity, Uncertainty Principle and Applications; Schrodinger’s wave equation: time-dependent; Physical Significance of wave function


Free Electron Theory: Classical free electron theory: electrical conductivity in metals, thermal conductivity in metals, Wiedemann-Franz law, success and drawbacks of free electron theory; Quantum free electron theory: wave function, eigenvalues; Fermi-Dirac distribution function, Density of states, Fermi energy, and its importance, Thermionic Emission (qualitative).
Band Theory of SolidsBloch theorem, Kronig-Penney Model (qualitative), E versus k diagram, Brillouin Zones, Concept of the effective mass of the electron, Energy levels and energy bands, Distinction between metals, insulators and semiconductors, Hall effect and its Applications.


SuperconductivityIntroduction, General features of Superconductors, Meissner effect, Types of superconductors, Elements of BCS theory, London equations, Applications of Superconductivity.
Nanomaterials: Introduction, Synthesis of nanomaterials: Top-down and Bottom-up approach, Sol-Gel and Ball Milling methods, Properties of Nanomaterials, Application of Nanomaterials.


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