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Gate Knowledge is a website all about gaining knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.


At Gate Knowledge, we make sure that the viewers here are satisfied with the Notes and information provided to them for their University Examination. A total of Eight Semesters with around 42 subjects are presented here in the form of notes for each. We are here try to make your work easy by clustering various University subject topics.


For the Gate Exam, we have compiled Lectures of Ravindrababu Ravula Sir in the form of hand-written notes. These notes are written with great effort and accuracy to provide information which has been delivered by Ravindrababu Sir in his Gate lectures. All the subjects are covered that are required for Gate exam for CS/IT Students. Also, the benefits of Gate exam have been discussed in this section.


Gate Knowledge is also a cluster of courses in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. Various courses are provided in this section of the site. Take great advantage of the courses as they will be of great use for shaping your career. These courses are uploaded with atmost priority of providing right information and knowledge to our viewers.


Coding has become the highest priority for getting into corporate jobs. Competitive coding is a must in the assessment of the Candidates/Freshers apply for jobs. So, Gate Knowledge has compiled various coding solutions that are asked in the assessments and Interviews. Also, solution of questions available on platforms like CodeChef, Hackerrank, etc are available here.


At Gate Knowledge, we also provide users with Job updates and openings at various companies. This section contains Jobs,  Internship and other career related information. All the Job-related updates in the IT Industry will be shared here. This includes information regarding job openings, vacancies, and all information for participating in the recruitment.


Blog is for various other activities in the field of Computer Science. Job related news, Company information, various other terms and information, preparation strategies for various examinations are present in this section. The information made available in this section is simply a cocktail of information in the IT field and industry.

Gate Knowledge has done it’s best to satisfy the viewers that come here in order to gain knowledge. We maintain our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. All the information displayed on this website are not 100% true and accurate. In order to get in touch with us for any query, you can simply fill up the Contact Us form available in the bottom right corner. We respond to our viewers within a time period of 24 hours. Our highest priority is to provide valid information to our guests/viewers coming on our site.

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