Web Technology

Below is the syllabus for Web Technology:-



Information Architecture: The role of Information Architect, Collaboration and communication, Organizing information, organizational challenges, Organizing web sites and Intranets, Creating cohesive organization systems, designing navigation systems, types of navigation systems, Integrated navigation elements, designing elegant navigation systems, Searching systems, Searching your web site, designing the search interface, Indexing the right stuff, To search or not to search grouping content, conceptual design, High-level Architecture Blueprint. Architectural Page Mockups, Design Sketches.



Introduction to XHTML and HTML5: Origins and Evolution of HTML and XHTML, Basic Syntax, Standard XHTML Document Structure, Basic Text Markup, Images, Hypertext Links, Lists, Tables, Forms, HTML5, Syntactic Differences between HTML and XHTML.

Cascading Style Sheets: Introduction, Levels of Style Sheets, Style Specification Formats, Selector Forms, Property Value Forms, Font Properties, List Properties, Color, Alignment of Text,  Box Model, Background Images, Conflict Resolution.


Unit -3

Java Script: Overview of JavaScript, Object Orientation and JavaScript, General Syntactic Characteristics, Primitives, Operations, and Expressions, Screen Output and Keyboard Input, Control Statements, Object Creation and Modification, Arrays, Functions, Constructors, Pattern Matching Using Regular Expressions, Errors in Scripts


Unit -4

Python: Introduction to Python, Data Types and Expressions, Control Statements, Strings and Text Files, Lists and Dictionaries, Design with Functions, Design with Classes


Text Books

  1. By Peter Morville, Louis Rosenfeld, “Information Architecture on the World Wide Web”, O’Reilly Media, 2006.
  2. Robert W. Sebesta, “Programming The World Wide Web”, Eight Edition, Pearson India, 2015.
  3. Kenneth A. Lambert, “The Fundamentals of Python: First Programs”, 2011, Cengage Learning.


Reference Book

  1. Thomas A Powell, “HTML The Complete Reference”, Tata McGraw Hill Publications.

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