Object Oriented Programming

Below is the syllabus for Object Oriented Programming:-



Introduction to C++, C++ Standard Library, Illustrative Simple C++ Programs. Header Files, Namespaces, Application of object-oriented programming.

Object-Oriented Concepts, Introduction to Objects and Object-Oriented Programming, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Overloading, Inheritance, Abstract Classes, Accessifier (public/ protected/ private), Class Scope and Accessing Class Members, Controlling Access Function, Constant, Class Member, Structure and Class



Friend Function and Friend Classes, This Pointer, Dynamic Memory Allocation and Deallocation (New and Delete), Static Class Members, Constructors, parameter Constructors and Copy Constructors, Deconstructors, Introduction of inheritance, Types of Inheritance, Overriding Base Class Members in a Derived Class, Public, Protected and Private Inheritance, Effect of Constructors and Deconstructors of Base Class in Derived Classes.



Polymorphism, Pointer to Derived class, Virtual Functions, Pure Virtual Function, Abstract Base Classes, Static and Dynamic Binding, Virtual Deconstructors.

Fundamentals of  Operator  Overloading,  Rules for  Operators  Overloading, Implementation of Operator Overloading Like <<,>> Unary Operators, Binary Operators.



Text Streams and binary stream, Sequential and Random Access File, Stream Input/ Output Classes, Stream Manipulators.

Basics of C++ Exception Handling, Try, Throw, Catch, multiple catches, Re-throwing an Exception, Exception specifications.

Templates: Function Templates, Overloading Template Functions, Class Template, Class Templates, and Non- Type Template arguments.


Text Books:

  • Object-Oriented Programming in Turbo C++ by Robert Lafore, 1994, The WAITE Group
  • The complete reference C ++ by Herbert shield Tata McGraw Hill


References Books

  • Shukla, Object-Oriented Programming in c++, Wiley India
  • C++ How to Program by H M Deitel and P J Deitel, 1998, Prentice Hall
  • Programming with C++ By D Ravichandran, 2003, M.H

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