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The main motive of this introduction to the Gate Exam is to tell you what you should be studying in the 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year, and 4th Year of your Engineering College degree. Whether you should be taking coaching or not. But before all that let’s understand what the Gate exam is. In India, the Gate exam is considered to be quite underrated. The first thing that comes to people’s minds when hearing about the Gate exam is M. Tech and Ph.D. But Gate is not just M. Tech and PhD., it’s a lot more. This article has enlisted the benefits of the Gate Exam that will help you decide yourself a career after completing Engineering through Gate.

The Gate Exam is especially for those who

  • are not into good colleges or
  • haven’t performed well in their 12th (JEE Mains and Advance) or
  • have got the stream, not of their choices or
  • study in colleges where Product-based companies (Google, Amazon, etc.) do not go for placement.


Options after Gate Exam / Benefits of Gate Exam

  1. PSU’s – These are Government-owned companies, i.e., those companies where more than 50% of the shares belong to the Government (like BHEL, BSNL, NTPC, GAIL, ONGC, etc).

Why PSU’s?

Just like in Government jobs, there is stability, social status, and perks, PSU’s too have the same. Salary in PSUs lies between 8 -14 lakhs.

  1. M. Tech/MS/Ph.D. –


M. Tech




2 Years

2 – 3 Years

4 – 5 Years






1st/2nd/3rd – Course Study

4th – Project Work

1st – Course Study

2nd/3rd/4th – Project Work

1st/2nd – Course Study

3rd/4th/5th/6th – Project Work

Gate Score Margin





Half-time teaching Assistant

(Work for 8 hours and Payment – Rs. 12,400 per month)

Half-time Research Assistant

(Work for 8 hours and Payment – Rs. 12,400 per month)

Payment – Rs. 25,000 (for 2 Years)

Rs. 28,000 (for next 3 Years)

Note – Rs. 70,000 to students with 8+ CGPA

 3. Study Abroad – After Gate Exam, you have an option to go abroad and study. You can go to Germany, Singapore and you can get a stipend too, from the Government there.

Requirements – Gate Score + Letter from College (of your 4 Years of Engineering degree done in English) + SOP (Statement of Purpose).

Note – No TOEFL, GRE required.

  1. MBA from NITIE Mumbai – You can also do MBA from Mumbai with a stipend of Rs. 12,400 per month and later on a package of Rs. 17+ lakhs.
  1. Fellowship at IIM’s – Choice to do Ph.D. with a stipend of Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 per month + Hostel Accommodation or Housing Allowance of Rs. 18,500. The course is for 5 Years and then a package of 35-40 lakhs.
  1. Core Companies Job – Companies that do not visit Tier 3 colleges, the students of those colleges can get into these companies with their Gate score and Resume.


Queries related to preparation for Gate Exam

  1. When to start preparing for Gate Exam?

Start your preparation as soon as possible. The subjects for this exam will be covered by you in your 4 Years Engineering degree. So, ultimately you will be studying not only for Gate but also for your degree. 70% of the Engineering syllabus matches the Gate syllabus.

You need to be consistent and study the subjects thoroughly.

  1. Can I crack Gate Exam without coaching?

Yes, you can crack the Gate exam without coaching. In fact, there are many students who crack the Gate exam without coaching. 

Benefits of Coaching:

  • To maintain consistency as during the College days you have Fests, Mid-sem, Project work, etc, due to which consistency breaks. Coaching helps us in that case in order to maintain consistency.
  • Moreover, coaching helps you with your knowledge boosting in the subjects being taught in college.
  1. Online or Offline Coaching for Gate Exam?

Offline Gate coaching is mainly continuous 5-6 hours daily. This might be hectic for many students who cannot concentrate for so long.

So, for those students, it is best to take online coaching.

The disadvantage of Online class – Doubts are not cleared on the spot. You need to write an Email in order to clear your doubt. Moreover, it is never sure that you will get a reply to your email. Offline is better in such cases.   

Note – YouTube is another platform where you can learn online and that too free. There are many teachers who have their Gate Academy and teach online on YouTube. Learning from them can also be of great use.

Know all about Gate Exam 2022: Eligibility, Cut-off, Syllabus, Registration Process. Click here.

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