Fundamentals of Biotechnology

Below is the syllabus for Fundamentals of Biotechnology:-



Introduction to the living world: Concept and definition of Biology;  Characteristic features of living organisms; Cell ultra-structure and functions of cell organelles like the nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplast, ribosomes, and endoplasmic reticulum; Difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells; Difference between animal and plant cell.
Introduction to Biomolecules: Definition, general classification, and important functions of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acid (DNA & RNA: Structure and forms), vitamins, hormones, and enzymes.


Genetics: Cell division – Mitosis and its utility to living systems. Meiosis and its genetic significance; Gene: Concept, location, definition, and structure; Introduction to replication, transcription, translation, Mutations, Genetic disorders; Human traits: Genetics of blood groups, diabetes type I & II.
Role of the immune system in health and disease: Brief introduction to morphology and pathogenicity of bacteria, fungi, virus, protozoa beneficial and harmful for human beings.


Concept of Genetic Engineering: Definition; Tools used in recombinant DNA Technology: Plasmids as nature’s interlopers, restriction enzymes as nature’s pinking-shears, Vector as gene transfer vehicle.
Transgenesis: Production and significance of transgenic plants and animals; the Basic concept of genetically modified organisms.


Applications of Biotechnology: Definition of Biotechnology; Applications of Biotechnology in Agriculture, Medicine, Environment, Industry and Forensic Science.
Role of biology in allied fields: Role of biology in Information Technology (Bioinformatics), Nanotechnology (Nanobiotechnology), Micro-electromechanical systems (Bio-MEMS), and Sensors (Biosensors), Ethical issues related to Biotechnology.


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