Data Structures

Below is the syllabus for Data Structures:-



Introduction to Data Structures: Data Types, Built-in, and User-Defined Data Structures, Applications of Data Structure, Algorithm Analysis, Worst, Best and Average Case Analysis, Notations of Space and Time Complexity, Arrays, One Dimensional Arrays, Two Dimensional Arrays, and Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Sparse Matrices, Storage Class, Basics of Recursion.

Searching from an array using Linear and Binary Searching Algorithm, Sorting of an array using Selection, Insertion, Bubble, Radix Algorithm



Stacks: Definition, Implementation of Stacks and Its Operations, Evaluation of Infix, prefix and Postfix Expression, Inter-conversion of Infix Expression, Prefix and Post-Fix Expression, Implementation of Merge Sort and Quick Sort Algorithm.

Queues: Definition, Sequential Implementation of Linear Queues and Its Operations, Circular Queue and Its Implementation, Priority Queues and Its Implementation, Applications of queues.



Linked Lists: Dynamic Implementations, Need of Dynamic Data Structures, Single Link List and Its Dynamic Implementation, Traversing, Insertion, Deletion Operations on Single Link Lists. Comparison between Static and Dynamic, Implementation of Linked List. Dynamic Implementation of Stacks and Queues.

Circular Link Lists and Doubly Link List, Dynamic Implementation of Primitive Operations on Doubly Linked Lists and Circular Link List.



Trees: Definition, Basic Terminology, Binary Tree, External and Internal Nodes, Static and Dynamic Implementation of a Binary Tree, Primitive Operations on Binary Trees, Binary Tree Traversals: Per-Order, In- Order And Post-Order Traversals. Representation of Infix, Post-Fix, and Prefix Expressions using Trees.

Introduction to Binary Search Trees: B trees, B+ trees, AVL Trees, Threaded Binary trees, Balanced Multi-way search trees, Implementation of Heap Sort Algorithm.

Graphs: Basic Terminology, Definition of Undirected & Directed Graphs, Memory Representation of Graphs, Minimum-Spanning Trees, Warshal Algorithm, Graph Traversals Algorithms: Breadth-First and Depth-First.


Text Book:

  • Theory & Problems of Data Structures by Jr. Seymour Lipschitz, Schaum’s outline by TMH
  • Fundamentals of Data structures by Ellis Horowitz & Sartaj Sahni, Pub, 1983, AW
  • Data Structures Using C,2E by Reema Thareja, Oxford University Press,2014



  • Shukla, Data Structures using C++, Wiley India
  • Data Structures and Algorithms by A.V. Aho, J.E. Hopcroft, and T.D. Ullman, Original edition, Addison- Wesley, 1999, Low Priced
  • Fundamentals of computer algorithms by Horowitz Sahni and
  • Data Structures and Program Design in C by Robert Kruse, PHI,
  • Shukla, Data Structures using C++, Wiley India
  • Introduction to Computers Science -An algorithms approach, Jean-Paul Tremblay, Richard B. Bunt, 2002, T.M.H.
  • Data Structure and the Standard Template library – Willam J. Collins, 2003, M.H

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