Microprocessor & Interfacing

Below is the syllabus for Microprocessor & Interfacing:-


Unit I

Evolution of Microprocessor, Introduction to 8085 – 8085 architecture – Pin Details – Addressing Modes – Instruction Set and Assembler Directives, Instruction Timing Diagram.



8086 CPU ARCHITECTURE: 8086 Block diagram; description of data registers, address registers; pointer and index registers, PSW, Queue, BIU, and EU. 8086 Pin diagram descriptions.  Generating 8086 CLK and reset signals using 8284. WAIT state generation. Microprocessor BUS types and buffering techniques, 8086 minimum mode and maximum mode CPU module. MAIN MEMORY SYSTEM DESIGN: Memory devices, 8086 CPU Read/Write timing diagrams in minimum mode and maximum mode. Address decoding techniques. Interfacing SRAMS; ROMS/PROMS. Interfacing and refreshing DRAMS.



8086 INSTRUCTION SET: Instruction formats, addressing modes, Data transfer instructions, string instructions, logical instructions, arithmetic instructions, transfer of control instructions; process control instructions; Assembler directives.

8086 PROGRAMMING TECHNIQUES: Writing assembly Language programs for logical processing, arithmetic processing, timing delays; loops, data conversions.



BASIC I/O INTERFACE: Parallel and Serial I/O Port design and address decoding. Memory-mapped I/O Vs Isolated I/O Intel’s 8255 and 8251- description and interfacing with 8086. ADCs and  DACs,  –  types,  operation, and interfacing with 8086. Interfacing Keyboards, alphanumeric displays, multiplexed displays, and stepper motor, an optical encoder with 8086.

INTERRUPTS AND DMA: 8086 Interrupt mechanism; interrupt types and interrupt vector table. Applications of interrupts, Intel’s 8259. DMA operation. Intel’s 8237.


Text Books:

  • Barry B. Brey, “The Intel Microprocessor8086/8088, 80186”, Pearson Education, Eighth Edition, 2009
  • V. Hall, Microprocessors and Interfacing, McGraw Hill 2nd ed.


Reference Books:

  • Liu, Gibson, “Microcomputer Systems: The 8086/88 Family”, 2nd Edition, PHI,2005
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