Fundamentals Of Management

Fundamentals of Management is the study of Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, and Controlling in any organization or company.

Below is the syllabus for Fundamentals of Management:-



Introduction to Management: Meaning, Definition, nature, importance & Functions, Management as Art, Science & Profession- Management as social System, Concepts of management-Administration

Evolution of Management Thought: Development of Management Thought- Scientific management, Administrative Theory of Management, Bureaucratic Organization, Behavioral approach (Neo-Classical Theory): Human Relations Movement; Behavioral Science approach; Modern approach to management – Systems approach and contingency approach.



Planning: nature, purpose and functions, types of plans, planning process, Strategies, and Policies: Concept of Corporate Strategy, formulation of the strategy, Types of strategies, Management by objectives (MBO), SWOT analysis, Types of policies, principles of formulation of policies

Organizing: nature, importance, process, organization structure: Line and Staff organization, Delegation of Authority and responsibility, Centralization and Decentralization, Decision Making Process, Decision Making Models, Departmentalization: Concept and Types (Project and Matrix), formal & informal organizations



Staffing: concept, process, features; manpower planning; Job Analysis: concept and process; Recruitment and selection: concept, process, sources of recruitment; performance appraisal, training, and development

Directing: Communication- nature, process, formal and informal, barriers to Effective Communication, Theories of motivation-Maslow, Herzberg, Mc Gregor; Leadership – concept and theories, Managerial Grid, Situational Leadership. Transactional and Transformational Leadership



Controlling: concept, process, types, barriers to controlling, controlling Techniques: budgetary control, Return on investment, Management information system-MIS, TQM-Total Quality Management, Network Analysis- PERT and CPM.


Recent Trends in Management: –

Social Responsibility of Management–Management of Crisis, Total Quality Management, Stress Management, ., Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business ethics.

Functional aspects of business: Conceptual framework of functional areas of management- Finance; Marketing and Human Resources


  1. Management Concepts – Robbins, S.P; Pearson Education India
  2. Principles of Management – Koontz & O’Donnel; (McGraw Hill)


Recommended books

  1. Business Organization and Management – Basu; Tata McGraw Hill
  2. Management and OB– Mullins; Pearson Education
  3. Essentials of Management – Koontz, Tata McGraw-Hill
  4. Management Theory and Practice – Gupta, C.B; Sultan Chand and Sons, New Delhi
  5. Prasad, Lallan and S.S. Gulshan. Management Principles and Practices. S. Chand & Co. Ltd., New
  6. Chhabra, N. Principles and Practice of Management. Dhanpat Rai & Co., Delhi.
  7. Organizational behavior – Robins Stephen P;

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