Internet Fundamentals

Internet Fundamentals is a subject that deals with the internet and transmission of data packets over the internet, various protocols, and rules.


Below is the syllabus for Internet Fundamentals:-




Introduction to networks and internet, history, Internet, Intranet & Extranet, Working of Internet, Internet Congestion, internet culture, business culture on the internet. Collaborative computing & the internet. Modes of Connecting to Internet, Internet Service Providers(ISPs), Internet address, standard address, domain name, DNS, IP.v6.Modems, Speed and time continuum, communications software; internet tools.




Introduction, Miscellaneous Web Browser details, searching the www: Directories search engines and metasearch engines, search fundamentals, search strategies, working of the search engines, Telnet and FTP, HTTP, Gopher Commands, TCP/IP. Introduction to Browser, Coast-to-coast surfing, hypertext markup language, Web page installation, Web page setup, Basics of HTML & formatting, and hyperlink creation.Using FrontPage Express, Plug-ins.




Introduction, advantages and disadvantages, User Ids, Passwords, e-mail addresses, message components, message composition, mailer features, E-mail inner workings, E-mail management, MIME types, Newsgroups, mailing lists, chat rooms, secure-mails, SMTP, PICO, Pine, Library cards catalog, online ref. works.

Languages: Basic and advanced HTML, Basics of scripting languages – XML, DHTML, JavaScript.




Introduction to Web Servers: PWS, IIS, Apache; Microsoft Personal Web Server. Accessing & using these servers.

Privacy and security topics: Introduction, Software Complexity, Attacks, security and privacy levels, security policy, accessibility and risk analysis, Encryption schemes, Secure Web document, Digital Signatures, Firewalls, Intrusion detection systems


Text Book:

  • Internet & World Wide Programming, Deitel, Deitel & Nieto, 2012, Pearson Education
  • Fundamentals of the Internet and the World Wide Web, Raymond Greenlaw and Ellen Hepp, TMH- 2012


Reference Books:

  • Complete idiots guide to javascript, Aron Weiss, QUE, 2013
  • Network firewalls, Kironjeet syan -New Rider 2014
  • Networking Essentials – Firewall Latest-2015
  • Alfred Glkossbrenner-Internet 101 Computing MGH, 2013

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