Introduction to Computer Programming

Below is the syllabus for Introduction to Computer Programming:-



Overview of Computers: Block diagram and its description, Number systems, Arithmetic of number systems, Computer Hardware: Printers, Keyboard and Mouse, Storage Devices.
Introduction to programming language: Different levels of PL: High Level language, Assembly language, Machine language; Introduction to Compiler, Interpreter, Debugger, Linker, Loader, Assembler.
Problem Analysis: Problem solving techniques, Algorithms and Flowchart representation.


Overview of C: Elements of C, Data types; Storage classes in C; Operators: Arithmetic, relational, logical, bitwise, unary, assignment and conditional operators, precedence & associativity of operators.
Input/Output: Unformatted & formatted I/O functions in C.
Control statements: if statements, switch statements; Repetition: for, while, and do-while loop; break, continue, goto statements.


Arrays: Definition, types, initialization, processing an array, String handling.
Functions: Definition, prototype, parameters passing techniques, recursion, built-in functions, passing arrays to functions, returning arrays from functions.


Pointers: Declaration, operations on pointers, pointers and arrays, dynamic memory allocation, pointers and functions, pointers and strings.
Structures & Unions: Definition, processing, Structure and pointers, passing structures to functions, use of unions.
Data files: Opening and closing a file, I/O operations on files.


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