Manufacturing Technology and Processes

Below is the syllabus for Manufacturing Technology and Processes:-



Introduction: Introduction to Manufacturing Processes and their Classification, Industrial Safety; Introduction, Types of Accidents, Causes and Common Sources of Accidents, Methods of Safety, First Aid.
Engineering Materials: General Properties and Applications of Engineering Materials, Mild Steel, Medium Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel, High Speed Steel and Cast Iron.


Foundry: Introduction to Casting Processes, Basic Steps in Casting Process, Pattern, Types of Patterns, Pattern Allowances, Risers, Runners, Gates, Moulding Sand and its composition, Sand Preparation, Moulding Methods, Core Sands and Core Making, Core Assembly, Mold Assembly, Melting (Cupola) and Pouring, Fettling, Casting Defects and Remedies.


Cold Working (Sheet Metal Work): Sheet Metal Operations, Measuring, Layout Marking, Shearing, Punching, Blanking, Piercing, Forming, Bending and Joining, Advantages and Limitations.
Hot Working Processes: Introduction to Hot Working, Principles of Hot Working Processes, Forging, Rolling, Extrusion, Wire Drawing.
Plant Layout: Objective of Layout, Types of Plant Layout and their Advantages.


Introduction to Machine Tools: Specifications and Uses of commonly used Machine Tools in a Workshop such as Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Introduction to Metal Cutting, Nomenclature of a Single Points Cutting Tool and Tool Wear, Mechanics of Chips Formations, Types of Chips, Use of Coolants in machining.
Welding: Introduction to Welding, Classification of Welding Processes, Gas Welding: Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Resistance Welding; Spot and Seam Welding, Arc Welding: Metal Arc, TIG & MIG Welding, Welding Defects and Remedies, Soldering & Brazing.


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