Business Intelligence & Entrepreneurship

Below is the syllabus for Business Intelligence & Entrepreneurship:-



Entrepreneurship: Concept and Definitions; Entrepreneurship and Economic Development; Classification and Types of Entrepreneurs; Entrepreneurial Competencies; Factor Affecting Entrepreneurial Growth – Economic, Non-Economic Factors; EDP Programmes; Entrepreneurial Training; Traits/Qualities of an Entrepreneurs; Entrepreneur; Manager Vs. Entrepreneur.



Opportunity / Identification and Product Selection: Entrepreneurial Opportunity Search and Identification; Criteria to Select a Product; Conducting Feasibility Studies; Project Finalization

n; Sources of Information.



Small Enterprises and Enterprise Launching Formalities: Definition of Small Scale; Rationale; Objective; Scope; Role of SSI in Economic Development of India; SSI; Registration; NOC from Pollution Board; Machinery and Equipment Selection; Project Report Preparation; Specimen of Project Report; Project Planning and Scheduling using Networking Techniques of PERT / CPM; Methods of Project Appraisal.



Role of Support Institutions and Management of Small Business: Director of Industries; DIC; SIDO; SIDBI; Small Industries Development Corporation (SIDC); SISI; NSIC; NISBUD; State Financial Corporation SIC; Marketing Management; Production Management; Finance Management; Human Resource Management; Export Marketing; Case Studies-At least once in the whole course.


Text Books:

  1. Small-Scale Industries and Entrepreneurship. Himalaya Publishing House, Delhi -Desai, Vasant, 2003.
  2. Entrepreneurship Management -Cynthia, Kaulgud, Aruna, Vikas Publishing House, Delhi, 2003.
  3. Entrepreneurship Ideas in Action- L. Greene, Thomson Asia Pvt. Ltd., Singapore, 2004.

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