Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a branch of Computer Science that deals with the protection of networks, devices, programs, and data from digital attacks.


Below is the syllabus for Cyber Security:-



Introduction: Introduction and Overview of Cyber Crime, Nature and Scope of Cyber Crime, Types of Cyber Crime: crime against an individual, Crime against property, Cyber extortion, Drug trafficking, cyber terrorism.

Need for Information security, Threats to Information Systems, Information Assurance, Cyber Security, and Security Risk Analysis.



Cyber Crime Issues: Unauthorized Access to Computers, Computer Intrusions, Viruses, and Malicious Code, Internet Hacking and Cracking, Virus and worms, Software Piracy, Intellectual Property, Mail Bombs, Exploitation, Stalking and Obscenity in Internet, Password Cracking, Steganography, Key loggers and Spyware, Trojan and backdoors, phishing, DOS and DDOS attack, SQL injection, Buffer Overflow.



Introduction to cyber attacks: passive attacks, active attacks, Cybercrime prevention methods, Application security (Database, E-mail, and Internet), Data Security Considerations-Backups, Archival Storage and Disposal of Data, Security Technology-Firewall and VPNs, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, Hardware protection mechanisms, OS Security



Digital Forensics: Introduction to Digital Forensics, historical background of digital forensics, Forensic Software, and Hardware, need for computer forensics science, special tools and techniques digital forensic life cycle, challenges in digital forensic.

Law Perspective: Introduction to the Legal Perspectives of Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity, Cybercrime and the Legal Landscape around the World, Why Do We Need Cyber laws, The Indian IT Act, Cybercrime Scenario in India, Digital Signatures and the Indian IT Act, Cybercrime and Punishment.


Text Books:

  1. Nelson Phillips and Enfinger Steuart, “Computer Forensics and Investigations”, Cengage Learning, New Delhi,


Reference Books:

  1. Robert M Slade,” Software Forensics”, Tata McGraw – Hill, New Delhi,
  2. Sunit Belapure and Nina Godbole, “Cyber Security: Understanding Cyber Crimes, Computer Forensics and Legal Perspectives”, Wiley India Pvt.

Below is the link to download Cyber Security notes.

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