Mobile Apps Development

Below is the syllabus for Mobile Apps Development:-


Unit I: Introduction to Mobility

Mobility landscape, Mobile platforms, Mobile apps development, Overview of Android platform, Setting up the Mobile App Development environment along with an Emulator.

App User Interface Designing – Mobile UI resources (Layout, UI elements, Drawable, Menu).


Unit II: Building blocks of Mobile Apps

Activity- States and Life Cycle, Interaction amongst Activities.

App functionality beyond user interface – Threads, Async task, Services – States and Life Cycle, Notifications, Broadcast receivers, Content provider.


Unit III: Sprucing up Mobile Apps

Graphics and animation – Custom views, Canvas, Animation APIs, Multimedia – Audio/Video playback and record, Location awareness.

Native data handling–file I/O, Shared preferences, Mobile databases such as SQLite, and Enterprise data access (via Internet/Intranet).


Unit IV: Testing Mobile Apps

Debugging mobile apps, White box testing, Black box testing, and test automation of Mobile apps, JUnit for Android.


Text Books:

  1. Barry Burd, Android Application Development All in One for Dummies, Wiley publications, 2nd Edition
  2. Android Developer Fundamentals Course– Concepts (Learn to develop Android applications) Concepts Reference Developed by Google Developer Training Team,
  3. Valentino Lee, Heather Schneider, and Robbie Schell, Mobile Applications: Architecture, Design, and Development, Prentice-Hall,
  4. Rick Boyer, Kyle Mew, Android Application Development Cookbook – Second Edition,2016.


Reference Books:

  1. Carmen Delessio, Lauren Darcey, Teach Yourself Android Application Development In 24 Hours, SAMS,
  2. Brian Fling, Mobile Design and Development, O’Reilly Media,
  3. Maximiliano Firtman, Programming the Mobile Web, O’Reilly Media,
  4. Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone, Designing Social Interfaces, O’Reilly Media,
  5. Jerome DiMarzio, Beginning Android Programming with Android Studio, 4th edition, 2016.
  6. Max Lemann, Android Studio: App Development on Android 6,

Below is the link to download Mobile Apps Development notes.

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