Applied Chemistry

Below is the syllabus for Applied Chemistry:-



Thermodynamics: First, second, third, and zeroth law of thermodynamics, the concept of entropy (for the reversible and irreversible, the process of ideal gases, of phase transition), free energy, work function, chemical potential, Gibb’s Helmholtz equation, and related numerical problems. Phase rule, terminology, and derivation of Gibb’s phase rule, phase diagrams of water system, sulfur system, (Pb-Ag) system, (Zn-Mg) system, and (Na-K) system.


Water and its treatment: Hardness of water and its determination by EDTA, alkalinity and its determination, related numerical problems, Scale and Sludge formation (composition, properties, and methods of prevention), Water softening by ion exchange process, desalination (reverse osmosis, electrodialysis)
Green Chemistry: Definition and concept, Twelve Principles of Green chemistry, alternate solvent-ionic liquids, supercritical fluid (SCF) system, derivatized and immobilized solvent materials.


Corrosion: Dry and Wet corrosion, electrochemical theory of corrosion, Pitting, water-line, differential aeration, and stress corrosion, factors affecting corrosion, preventive measures (proper design and material selection, cathodic and anodic protection).
Lubricants: Mechanism of thin and thick layer lubrication, classification of lubricants and important properties of lubricants (viscosity index, flash and fire point, saponification number, pour point, iodine number), Greases as lubricants: consistency and drop point test


Engineering materials: Ceramics (brief introduction of clays, silica, feldspar, porcelain, and Vitreous Enamels), cement (introduction, raw materials, manufacture of Portland cement, analysis of cement), Nanoscale material (introduction, properties of nanoscale materials, a brief discussion of nanocrystals and cluster, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, dendrimers, nanowires, nanocomposites)


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