Discrete Structures

Below is the syllabus for Discrete Structures:-


Unit 1

Set Theory & Logic

Fundamentals – Sets and subsets, Venn Diagrams, Operations on sets, Laws of Set Theory, Power Sets and Products, Partition of sets, The Principle of Inclusion-Exclusion.

Logic: Propositions and Logical operations, Truth tables, Equivalence, Implications, Laws of Logic, Normal forms, Predicates and quantifiers, Mathematical Induction.


Unit 2

Relations, diagraphs, and lattices

Product sets and partitions, relations and diagraphs, paths in relations and digraphs, properties of relations, equivalence and partially ordered relations, a computer representation of relations and diagraphs, manipulation of relations, Transitive closure, and Warshall’s algorithm, Posets and Hasse Diagrams, Lattice.


Unit 3

Functions and Combinatorics

Definitions and types of functions: injective, subjective and bijective, Composition, identity and inverse, Review of Permutation and combination-Mathematical Induction, Pigeon hole principle, Principle of inclusion and exclusion, Generating function-Recurrence relations.


Unit 4

Algebraic Structures

Algebraic structures with one binary operation – semigroups, monoids and groups, Product and quotient of algebraic structures, Isomorphism, homomorphism, automorphism, Cyclic groups, Normal sub-group, codes and group codes, Ring homomorphism, and Isomorphism.



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