Simulation and Modeling

Below is the syllabus for Simulation and Modeling:-



Modeling: System Concepts, system boundaries, and environment, continuous and discrete systems, system modeling, types of Models, Model validation, Principles & Nature of Computer modeling.

Simulation: Introduction, Basic nature of simulation, when to simulate, Advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of simulation, Concepts of simulation of continuous and discrete system with the help of an example.



Continuous System Simulation: Analog vs. digital simulation, continuous simulation vs. numerical integration, simulation of a chemical reactor, simulation of a water reservoir system.

Discrete system simulation: Fixed time-step vs. event-to-event model, Monte-Carlo computation vs. stochastic simulation, generation of random numbers, and generation of non-uniformly distributed random numbers.


Unit -3

Simulators for the Live systems: Simulation of Queuing Systems: basic concepts of queuing theory, simulation of a single server, two servers, s and more general queuing system.

Simulation of PERT network:  Network model of a project, analysis of an activity network, critical path computation, uncertainties in activity durations, simulation of an activity network.



Simulation of inventory control systems: Elements of inventory theory, inventory models, generation of Poisson and Erlang variates, simulator for complex inventory systems.

Simulation of hypothetical computers.

Design and Evaluation of Simulation Experiments: Variance reduction techniques. Experiment layout and Validation.

Case Study: SciLab, Octave.


Text Books:

  1. Gordon G.: System simulation, Prentice-Hall of India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 1993
  2. Narsingh Deo: System Simulation with Digital Computer, PHI New Delhi, 1993


Reference Books:

  1. Neelankavil Frances: Computer Simulation and Modelling, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1987.
  2. Payne, James A.: Introduction to simulation: Programming Techniques and Methods of Analysis, McGraw-Hill International Editions, Computer Science services, New York (1998).
  3. Reitman Julian: Computer Simulation Experiments, Wiley Interscience 1971.

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