Infosys Hiring 2021 | Information Security Engineer

Infosys Hiring

Infosys is a service-based multi-national company founded in India in the year 1981 in Pune. The company has got hiring open for the job role of Information Security Engineer which is open to all Freshers and Graduates. Anyone with the following skills can openly apply for the job.


Job Description

    • Work closely with the Head of Cyber Security TechOps as well as with one of the Function heads
      who directly or indirectly report to CISO, to champion organization wide Cyber Security
      technology initiatives in line with the Cyber Security Strategy to ensure the CISO’s agenda is
      achieved as a whole.
    • Responsible for effective Cyber Security technical implementations and consulting across Infosys
      group of companies (“Infosys” or “Organization” or “Company”).
    • Liaison with all internal (ISG) and external (non-ISG) stakeholders to meet Cyber Security
      objectives including Subsidiary point of contacts.
    • Develop, support and maintain broad suite of information security infrastructure standards,
      accountable for confidentiality, availability and integrity.
    • Participate in the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of security systems in support
      of security policies.
    • Develop, test and maintain security best practices for various technologies engaged in projects
      across organization and its subsidiaries.
    • Develop enriched knowledge base of various technologies highlighting the significance of
      security configurations.
    • Develop enriched knowledge base of various technologies highlighting the significance of
      security configurations.
    • Evaluate business requirements against any security best practices and support with exceptions
      and workarounds to ensure business requirements are met without compromising security.
    • Ensure software used by the business are classified and the security risks around them are
      appropriately notified.
    • Respond to the change orders in order to ensure that the business is continued without
      compromising security.
    • Prepare and produce comprehensive reports on security incidents and the information around
      the actors associated with them.
    • Release and notify security patch advisories for the platforms and products consumed by the
    • Always keen in bringing in innovations and automations wherever possible to improve and
      optimize to save time and effort without compromising the quality of delivery.
    • Work closely with other business units and subsidiaries to address other information security
      issues associated with hardening best practices.
    • Constantly update to leverage new technology and threat vectors.
    • Keep self completely up-to-date with the activities of other ISG Functions / Groups so as to be
      able to glean on the issues and whether it is in line with the Cyber Security Strategy and thus
      the CISO’s agenda.

Can also have any of the following Certifications (though NOT necessary):

    • MCP – Microsoft Certified Professional
    • MCSE – Microsoft Certified System Engineer
    • RHCE – Red Hat Certified Engineer
    • CCNA (Security) – Cisco Certified Network Associate (Security)
    • WCNA – Wireshark Certified Network Analyst
    • CeH – Certified Ethical Hacker
    • Understanding of ISO 27001 standards will be an added advantage.


Possess cross-domain knowledge in various areas of Cyber Security such as, but not limited to,

    • Hardening various operating systems platforms primarily covering windows, Linux & MAC.
    • In-depth understanding of various protocol suites.
    • In-depth understanding of various web, Application, RDBMS & NoSQL database platforms.
    • Good understanding of defense-in-depth.
    • Good understanding of how patches are managed by various vendors.
    • Good understanding of static and dynamic file analysis.
    • Good understanding of memory analysis.
    • Good understanding of virtualization, cloud & mobile platforms.
    • Ability to use OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools to identify various attackers and attack
    • Ability to automate daily routines using one or more languages / scripts like bash, power shell,
      perl, python, ruby, yara, c, .NET.

Preferred Skills:

    • Data Security->Information Security Management(IRM)
    • Audit->Information Security Audit
    • GRC->Information Security Compliance
    • Network Security
    • GRC->ISO 27001 Audit/Implementation
    • Audit->ITSM Audit->ISO 20000

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